Motivating Yourself to Write


How’s NaNoWriMo going? We’re on day 6 already, which means that by now you should have written 10 000 words. This is the first proper milestone in NaNoWriMo, the first big step, and you know it won’t be the last. If you write 10 000 words every 6 days you’ll soon have 50 000 words, you’ll soon reach your goal. But are you struggling? Are you finding it hard to find time every day to write those words? Motivating yourself to really go for the challenge can be hard, so here’s a few ways to make it easier.

Join writing groups

There are plenty of online writing groups, particularly on Facebook, and joining one can help to motivate you to write. These groups are full of really nice people (some of which are successful, published writers) that support each other and give lots of helpful little tips. They’re two way streets of course. You’ll become a part of a community where everyone helps each other out and that takes time out of your usual schedule, but you’ll soon find that it’s a community you’re lucky to be a part of.

Create a reward system

You like watching TV, like having a cheeky Kit Kat every now and then? Make these rewards for yourself. Tell yourself that for every 500 or 1000 words you write you can have a snack, go for a run, watch TV, anything that motivates you to write those words. Aiming for numerous small goals rather than the big one can prove to be very beneficial to your writing and will make you feel like you’re really achieving something. It won’t be long before you’ve written a novel or two!


For most of us, reading is what inspired us to become writers. I know a lot of people say you shouldn’t read whilst writing because you could find yourself mimicking other authors, but I just find it motivational. So Agatha Christie gets me in the mood for writing, so what? I’m going to read some of her work and then write my own, because that’s what inspires me to finish writing that next chapter. That doesn’t mean it’s going to be the same as hers, it just means I know what inspires me and what makes me write.

Create a schedule

Some people find schedules to be hindering, but for others it can prove to be really useful when finding time to write, especially if you have a busy lifestyle. So you know that you’re free for an hour on a Monday night whilst your daughter is at football. Use that time to write, schedule it in as writing time to make sure you do it. Doing this not only makes sure you get writing done, but it also gets you into a routine that you’ll soon find hard to break.

Have you been doing anything else to motivate yourself to write this November? Let us know in the comments below.


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