Social Media: A Writer’s Guide


It is about you, but there’s other stuff too

Yes, your writers do want to know about what you’re writing and how everything is going, but they also want to know that your whole life isn’t just, well, you. Repost articles that you find interesting, but keep them relevant to what you’re doing. For example, if you’re a children’s writer you could repost an article about a current children’s book that successfully relates to transgender youths. This not only shows that you are up to date with others in your field, but also gives you the opportunity to open up a discussion with your followers.

Pictures, pictures, pictures!

Photos liven up your timeline and add variety to the text you’re writing. You should try to put an image with as many posts as possible. These don’t have to be perfect photographs, they could just be small photos of your writing space or what you’re eating/drinking, anything to break your timeline up. It also helps you appear as an actual person that your readers can relate to personally, rather than a writer who hires someone else to talk to their fans for them.

Be funny

I’m not talking Stephen Fry hilarious, but a little humour will get you a long way. People on social media tend to like and share little things that make them laugh or smile. You don’t have to make these things up yourself; there are plenty of photos and gifs out there that will brighten up your followers’ days, all you have to do is share them and add a little comment of your own. As a writer, you’ll probably get a great response to writing related jokes, about popular literature, punctuation errors and grammar Nazis.

Don’t go off topic

You’re a writer, so everything you write needs to be about writing or a topic you discuss in your books. Why go on a political rant about David Cameron when it is completely irrelevant to your novel and genre? Your followers don’t necessarily want to hear your rants, especially when they hold no connection to your writing. However, if this is something your audience would be interested in, or if it’s a topic you have written about in your novel, then feel free talk about it. Make it your job to find out what your followers want to hear and then write about that if it’s something you’re interested in too.

Sharing is caring

If you’ve just written a line that you’re really proud of, share it. See what people think. This line can be from a book you’ve already published or from your current WIP, just give them a little something to remind them why they follow you. It might also be good to share achievements from your followers too. If someone has commented on a post of yours to say congrats and then they mention their latest writing achievement, share it. Congratulate them on your page. Your online community will grow from this positivity, and they’ll appreciate you showing that you care.


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