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12787359_746963148772866_1449962755_oToday, we thought we’d do something a little different. Instead of writing something ourselves, we thought it’d be great to get to know you a little. Don’t worry though, we’ll be back posting our usual tips next week!

So all we’d like you to do is tell us a little something about yourself in the comments and/or post a link to your blog for people to have a nosy at. The more writing-related it is, the better!

I’ll start you off. I’m Eleanor, and although I spend most of my time proofreading and copyediting, I also love writing crime and sci-fi. In fact, I just finished writing my first crime novel a month ago. Woop!

Now it’s your turn…


5 thoughts on “Blog Share

  1. laurakirkbride says:

    Hi, I’m Laura and I write mostly young adult vampire novels but with a few short stories simmering on the side whenever I need something new to work on. I like to read all kinds of fantasy and science fiction novels, especially the vampire ones. Even if they’re trashy teenage romances, I can always find at least one good aspect in them that can influence my work, even if it’s just by finding out what not to do. I too have finished my first novel, though I think redrafting and cutting it down took longer than the writing. I’ve just started submitting it to agents but am beavering away at my second novel at the same time.

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    • Hemsley's Editorial Services says:

      It’s lovely to meet you! Short stories are great for keeping you creative; I have notebooks I’ve bought specifically for those times when I need a break from my novel to write one. Good luck with submitting to agents! It can be really tough, but keep trying and you’ll get there ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. jml297 says:

    Hello there, I’m Jane. I write short stories, capturing fragments of people and places and circumstances that interest me. I’m approaching the end of my first full-length novel and have a draft novella tucked away which needs a bit of a tweak. Books are a constant companion, from mysteries to historical fiction to books on writing and inspiration in general. I am happiest when I’m lost in the world of words, whether it’s reading, writing or conjuring up stories in my head.

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    • Hemsley's Editorial Services says:

      You sound like a true writer Jane. Well done on finishing your novella! We’re in the same boat of constantly having to rewrite and edit. If you ever get stuck, I wrote a four week cycle of blogs on how to self-edit your novel, so take a look at those if you need a nudge. Good luck with finishing your novel; getting to the end is the best feeling in the world ๐Ÿ™‚

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